Hundreds of irregularity reports at polling stations

NEWS 07.10.2018 22:43
Source: N1

An election watchdog has received 383 reports on the critical situation during the general election in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday by 8 p.m., of which 75 refer to the problems in the voting process.

The citizens reported 189 irregularities of the breach of the campaign silence as well as the pressures and bribing of voters, the Coalition for free and fair election ‘Pod lupom’ said.

“All observers were enabled to monitor the voting process. The observers of the Coalition and other political entities filed the complaints and objections at 15 percent of polling stations by,” the Coalition said Sunday evening after all polling stations were closed in the country.

A few cases of voters being assisted by one or more other persons were recorded at about 25 percent of the polling stations, according to the election watchdog,

“79 percent of the polling stations were closed at 7 p.m., 15 percent by 7:15 p.m. and the remaining 6 percent by 8 p.m.,” the Coalition said.

The observers are still monitoring the vote counting process, while 143 observers are simultaneously monitoring the work of the local election commissions.