Biggest drug seizure in Bosnia0s history

NEWS 08.10.2018 13:33
Source: N1/UIO

The police said they found some 900 kilograms of Skunk-Cannabis during a search of a Montenegrin lorry in Istocno Sarajevo, central Bosnia.

Bosnia’s special police forces (SIPA) and the Republika Srpska entity police conducted a search of two lorries with trailers and one passenger vehicle after they pulled them over.  

The entire operation was supervised by a Prosecutor from the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption of the state Prosecutor's Office.

The police found a vast quantity of a narcotic drug Cannabis-Skunk in one of the lorries, packed in several smaller packages.

According to their preliminary estimates, the police found some 900 kilograms of the drug, making it the biggest seizure of drugs ever made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The drug was meant to be soled on Bosnia's black market and its total worth is more than BAM 2 million (around EUR 1 million). The police said the drug could reach an even greater value on the European market.

During the operation, the police apprehended five suspects, Montenegrin citizens, who were handed over to the acting prosecutor.