Deputy minister: Corridor Vc Bosnia's most important project

NEWS 24.10.2018 14:39
Source: N1

Bosnia's most important transport infrastructure project is the Corridor Vc construction, according to Transport and Communications Deputy Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sasa Dalipagic. He said this road would serve about 70 percent of Bosnia's population inhabiting the area surrounding it.

The news agencies carried Dalipagic as saying that more than 100 kilometres of the total 330 kilometres of the corridor have been constructed. The pace of the construction is not satisfactory and the state-owned road-construction companies will hopefully accelerate the activities towards the end of construction, Dalipagic added.

The Corridor Vc is a pan-European road link, connecting Budapest and eastern Croatia to the Adriatic coast through Bosnian territory.

Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity has 102 kilometres of motorways, which fully belongs to the Corridor Vc. Republika Srpska (RS) entity constructed three kilometres more, but none of it makes a part of this pan-European road link.

Speaking of the most significant bilateral projects with the neighbouring countries, particularly Serbia and Croatia, Dalipagic said that this included among other projects the construction of two bridges on the border with Croatia, the Una railway reconstruction – also a joint Bosnia-Croatia project, as well as the road connection between Sarajevo and Belgrade.

Modernisation of the Sarajevo International Airport and increase of its capacity is among the major projects that concern Bosnia's international connectivity, Dalipagic said.