Energy security in SEE but without political influence

NEWS 27.10.2018 16:20
Source: Anadolija (AA)

The energy security is not only a matter of economy but the national security matter, which is why the countries in the region should work together on projects that improve the regional connectivity in Southeast Europe (SEE), the foreign ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighbouring Serbia agreed on Saturday.

Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic said on the second day of the Euro-Asian Energy Security Forum, taking place at the Parliament of Serbia, that Serbia would keep on insisting on the projects that improve the energy connectivity in the region.

“Serbia wants the region of the south-east of Europe to be in a network of infrastructural projects, which, of course, includes the energy projects, with the simultaneous connecting of our region with a broader surrounding,” Dacic said.

Serbia is closely following all the projects that might provide a stable energy supply, the minister said adding that, however, this does not rule out the projects where Serbia is not the end user.

Bosnia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Igor Crnadak, pointed out the importance of joint activities in the region and a strategic approach.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is willing to become a part of the approach that stipulates working together on the energy security matters, Crnadak stressed, adding that this approach should rule out the politics and prevent the political “disorders” from making any influence.

The goal of the two-day forum in Belgrade is the networking between the main international actors and positioning the energy security cooperation as a driving force of the regional and inter-regional integration and stability in the regions of Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

The conference was held under auspices of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Belgrade Faculty of Security Studies and Energy Pact Foundation, said the Government of Serbia.