Bosnian national released along with rest of Swiss ship crew

NEWS 28.10.2018 11:40
Source: Izvor: MV Glarus/

Crew members of a Swiss cargo ship with one Bosnian national on board, who were kidnapped in late September in Nigerian waters, have been released, the company that owns the ship confirmed for N1.

The Massoel Shipping company stated on Sunday that all crew members have undergone a medical examination and are on the way to their homes.

The company recalled that the ship “MV Glarus was attacked by a criminal gang on September 22, who cut through razor wire to board the 46514 dwt bulk vessel when on passage from Lagos to Port Harcourt. Following the attack twelve of the fourteen crew members were taken off the ship and held hostage by the criminals.”

All the competent authorities were immediately informed and Massoel worked with experienced professionals to secure the release of their seafarers, the company said in a statement issued on October 27.

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The Massoel shipping will provide no details of the operation leading to the release of the hostages as to do so would only, according to them, encourage further criminal acts of this kind.