Justice minister: Attack on police is attack on the state

NEWS 28.10.2018 12:28
Source: N1

An attack on police officers is the attack on the state, said Bosnia’s Justice Minister Josip Grubesa, commenting on the last week’s shooting in Sarajevo which left two policemen dead.

“I sympathise with the families of murdered police officers and I think this is an attack on the state because it creates the insecurity in our society,” the minister said in a statement for N1.

Attacks on the law enforcement bodies are unforgivable, he stressed, adding that the criminal policy must be such that it affects preventively all possible perpetrators and makes them avoid the attacks on police officers and other officials.

“Our legislation in this part is not insufficient but our criminal policy is poor, the procedures are unnecessarily too long and the punishment too weak,” Grubesa said pointing out that more strict penalties without applying them will change nothing.

To police officers were killed in a shooting in the Sarajevo’s Alipasino neighbourhood on Friday early morning. Still unknown perpetrator(s) opened fire on the police who discovered them in a car theft, which left one police officer immediately dead and another one succumbed to severe injuries he suffered in the shooting several hours later.