Croatian official: EU lacks single policy for migrant issue

NEWS 28.10.2018 14:17
Source: N1

Europe is playing a double game, on the one side it is talking about the necessity of obeying the European standards and international conventions and on the other side it is silently supporting everything that is now happening on Croatia’s borders, said former Croatia's minister, commenting the migrant situation on the Croatia-Bosnia border.

Speaking for N1, former Interior Minister of Croatia and current Chairman of the National Security Committee Ranko Ostojic said the migrants who started using Bosnia as their route to the European Union (EU) are “obviously not satisfied with their status in Bosnia and Herzegovina” and their goal is not to stay in that country.

Croatia would be ready to accept all those seeking the asylum but, according to Ostojic, a large number of migrants would abuse the institution of asylum and their temporary freedom of movement.

“The ones who seek the asylum are trying to reach the EU. The number of those who were returned from Slovenia to the Republic of Croatia reaches the thousands of people, there are the people who crossed the borders so many times. I think the EU lacks a single policy, they’re talking only now about how to solve this. It was a mistake not to create basic conditions for a temporary stay in the Republic of Croatia,” said Ostojic.

According to him, Bosnia is unable to create quality centres for migrants and the EU should be interested to be directly involved in organising and forming the centres for migrants.

“If the EU did it in the way I explained, if it directly organised the centres on the spot, it could solve (the issue of) a great number of those who were returned as they failed to meet the conditions for the international protection. This situation will continue,” Ostojic stressed.

“If this concentration in Bosnia and Herzegovina increases to several dozens of thousands, it will become a dangerous moment for Croatia. Those people will find the way to the worst possible destination and that’s heading towards the seaside towards the tourist destinations. Only then the true danger for the Republic of Croatia will emerge,” he added.

The migrants did not fall from the sky, they came from Greece through Albania, Bosnia and so on, they found a new route, Ostojic emphasised and reiterated, “I am pointing the finger again, the EU is a culprit, they are not there. The European Union should, like the UN, have a high commissioner for refugees, a person who would be dealing with this burning issue.”