Two policemen buried after commemorative ceremony

NEWS 29.10.2018 15:01
Source: N1

Two police officers killed in a car theft case were buddied, Monday, after a commemorative gathering in Sarajevo, where their colleagues, families and friends expressed grief and sorrow for the loss.

Sarajevo policeman Adis Sehovic was shot dead Friday early morning in the Alipasino neighbourhood and his colleague Davor Vujinovic succumbed to severe injuries he suffered during the shooting.

Unknown perpetrator(s) shot the police officers after being discovered in a car theft in the Sarajevo neighbourhood.

Sarajevo Canton’s Interior Ministry Commissioner Mevludin Halilovic said they gathered to pay their respects to the fallen policemen and to thank them for their immeasurable contribution.

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“They were good men, above all, dedicated to their families and their country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They will remain forever in our memories and hearts because they gave their lives for the better society,” Halilovic said. “Through their personal example, they showed just how difficult, dangerous and risky this job really is.”

Davor Vujinovic, born 1972, was buried at the Sveti Josip cemetery in Sarajevo, and Adis Sehovic, born 1975, at the Buca Potok neighbourhood cemetery.

Both burial ceremonies were attended by a large number of Sarajevo residents who stood fast with the police during the entire ordeal for the past couple of days.