Bruce Dickinson becomes 'Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo'

NEWS 31.10.2018 14:56

Sarajevo’s City Council named on Wednesday the frontman of the world renowned heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, an “Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo.”

In its decision, the Council explained that Dickinson has, as a foreign citizen, contributed significantly to the development and affirmation of Sarajevo, as well as to the relations among people based on solidarity, democracy and humanness.

Dickinson and his band entered Sarajevo with the help of UN troops in 1994 and held a concert at the Bosnian Cultural Centre.

Two decades after, in 2016, he returned to the Bosnian capital to shoot Jasenko Pasic’s film ‘Scream for me Sarajevo,’ directed by Tarik Hodzic. He was proposed by the ‘Concept Media’ association of artists.