Prosecutors: Nine years in prison for Serb war crime suspect

NEWS 02.11.2018 16:41
Source: CROPIX/Damir Glibušić

Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecutor’s office demanded nine years of imprisonment for Milenko Devic, a Serb, accused of war crimes against civilians in Bosnia in 1922, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reported.

In his closing argument, the Deputy Prosecutor Bruno Vekaric said he was “absolutely convinced that the evidence during the main trial” proved Devic’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

He added there were no mitigating circumstances which could influence the penalty.

Vekaric said “this process is one of many which show the senseless of warfare,” adding it also proved that the international humanitarian law must be respected.”

Devic is charged that together with Bogdan Sabota and an unidentified soldier of the Republika Srpska Army (VRS) took Ismet Sljivar, a Bosniak, from his house in the Kljuc municipality in the north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina, sprayed him with bullets and threw his body into the Sitnica River in 1992.

In February 2017, the Bihac Cantonal Court reached the guity verdict and sentenced Sobota to eight years in jail in first instance for the same murder.

The Court established that Sobota was also a VRS member who with two others killed Sljivar.

Last February, Bosnia’s Supreme Court confirmed the verdict but reduce the jail time to six years.