'UK supports Bosnia's EU accession in spite of Brexit'

NEWS 02.11.2018 20:02
Source: N1

This year’s election campaign showed a lack of focus on Bosnian citizens. The focus was on divisions, the newly appointed British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina told N1.

Bosnia is facing challenges and opportunities and we will support its efforts in keeping the reforms a priority,” Matthew Field said.

Field was worriedthere would be blockades in the government formation process after the October general election, adding that had the Reform Agenda been completely implemented, the citizens would feel a lot better.

The Reform Agenda is a set of reforms which all levels of the Bosnian Government must implement prior to the beginning of the EU accession talks.

The youth’s departure from Bosnia is its biggest risk. The UK had warned that the focus of the Reform Agenda should be on Bosnia’s citizens,” Field noted, adding that these reforms are important and they must continue.

Political will is the key to successful EU integration, he told N1 and added that British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the “doubling” of the British support to Bosnia’s EU integration.

Commenting on the fact that the UK supports Bosnia’s EU integration while exiting the EU itself, Field said ‘Brexit’ was British citizens’ democratic decision but that Bosnian citizens also decided to join the EU.

As Bosnia’s partners, the UK will support its decision because our goal is a happy and prosperous Bosnia.”

Even though a part of the country is sceptical about its NATO accession, the Ambassador pointed out that this is still a very distant possibility.

I care about Bosnia and its wonderful people. We, the British and Bosnians have the same sense of humour,” he added.

Several months ago, Matthew Field was appointed new British Ambassador to Bosnia after Edward Ferguson served his term.