Why the Dragicevic international attorney team fell apart

NEWS 11.11.2018 11:42
Source: N1

The international attorney for determining the facts in the death of David Dragicevic, formed in August this year, is no more because the members do not believe the Republika Srpska entity police or the Prosecution. Anto Nobilo, Zora Dobricanin-Nikodinovic and Dusko Tomic left the team.

“There’s nothing else for us to do but to pull from the case. As Head of the team, I said, Friday, in the RS Prosecution building that I believe neither the Prosecution nor the police because the police turned out to be tampering with evidence, hindering the investigation and misrepresenting the event,” Dusko Tomic said.

He then suggested that they transfer the case to the State prosecution to which the RS Prosecutor said there are no legal grounds for such a thing. According to Tomic, this is not true because the RS Prosecution transferred a similar case to the State Prosecution who then convicted the perpetrator.

“Davor (the father of the dead 21-year-old David) wants us to confirm his truth, but we can’t do that, and we don’t support calling people murderers without having strong evidence to back those claims up,” he said.

Earlier this year, the police of the Republika Srpska entity, one of Bosnia’s two semi-autonomous entities, found a dead body of a 21-year old David Dragicevic. The young man’s family has always claimed that it is impossible that David’s death was “accidental” as was said during the first press conference on this case.

The District Prosecutor's Office of Banjaluka submitted, in early July, an order to conduct an investigation into the murder of David Dragicevic against several unknown persons, and according to the details of the order, David Dragicevic “either ran away from the perpetrators and fell down the steep banks of the River Crkvena from a height of around 4.5 meters or, the perpetrators pushed him into the river from the banks when he drowned shortly after hitting the water.”

After months of little to no progress in the case, an international team of attorneys consisting of Zora Dobricanin-Nikodinovic, Dusko Tomic, Ifet Feraget and Anto Nobilo was formed. This Friday, they held a meeting in the District Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka.

Tomic noted they asked the father to stop saying these things and to let them work, but instead he attacked them and said they are working in the interest of the RS Prosecution.

 N1 also contacted the Croatian attorney Anto Nobilo who briefly said: “I'm out of that story and that's no longer my problem.”