Tuzla Canton prosecutors inspect situation in GIKIL company

NEWS 15.11.2018 11:39
Source: GIKIL

Two cantonal prosecutors and an environmental pollution police investigator from the Tuzla Canton entered the Global Ispat Coke Plant (GIKIL) to see whether the company continued dumping pollutants uncontrollably.

The investigation aims to see whether the Lukavac based GIKIL company continued to pollute the environment thus threatening the lives of humans and animals in the Lukavac area and the Spreca river.  

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina's environmental inspection also came to the company to see whether they implemented the inspection’s earlier decisions regarding environmental protection.  

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The cantonal Prosecution is conducting an investigation against GIKIL General Manager Debasish Ganguly on the grounds of environmental pollution. They are investigating two events from May and August when the company first spilt tar and then ammoniacal water and other dangerous substances into the Spreca river.  

Ganguly said earlier that the company is investing in environmental protection and that they need municipal, cantonal and entity support.  

The company executive director Suad Imamovic said the company is implementing a total if 47 environmental projects.