SDP deputy leader: Nobody wants to join a coalition with SDA

NEWS 18.11.2018 19:11
Source: N1

One of the reasons why nobody wants to join a coalition with the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) is election fraud, said deputy leader of the left-wing Social Democratic Party (SDP) Zukan Helez.

According to Helez, SDA is dishonest in the calls to others to join them and that is why they refused to talk face to face in front of the media audience.

The SDA representatives were invited to N1’s political affairs programme along with representatives of the SDP and the Democratic Front (DF), but they did not show up or explained the reason of ignoring the invitation.

“That might be their true face, they’re either not honest or they’re shocked that a great majority declared they don’t want to join the SDA. It might be they were dishonestly inviting someone to join them, or they are afraid to talk face to face in front of the cameras,” Helez told in N1’s Tacka na 7 programme.

He dismissed the words of SDA leader Bakir Izetbegovic who said his party won 300,000 votes.

“That’s not true, they won 250,000. He added 20 more percent. He said they won the largest number of votes and that’s true. He didn’t say they failed by some 80,000 votes compared to the previous election,” said Helez.

According to him, the problem lies in the number of invalid ballots which was caused by “the people in power, the Central Election Commission (CEC), local commissions.”

“CEC is a product of those who are in power. There were 100,000 invalid ballots for the candidates for the Presidency members and we believe this is where a big fraud happened,” he stressed, adding that this was one of the reasons why nobody wants to cooperate with the SDA.

SDA’s Sefik Dzaferovic won in the run for the post of the Bosniak member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, defeating SDP’s candidate with some 3 percent of overall votes. In the run for the state parliament, the CEC final results showed the SDA won a little over 252,000 votes. According to Helez, thanks to the vote rigging.

“All those who complained about the election process, they were all right,” he stressed adding that election should be annulled.

Although their parties form the same bloc, Samer Residat, deputy leader of the DF, said the left-wing parties are yet to discuss whether they are joining a coalition with the SDA in the ongoing talks on the formation of authorities.

“We are part of the bloc and we talk. The SDP won more votes in this term than the DF, and the talks are underway now,” he responded briefly.