Bosnia in the spotlight ahead of NATO ministerial meeting

NEWS 29.11.2018 12:06
Source: Medija Centar Beograd

Croatia certainly does not want to and will not block Bosnia and Herzegovina's road to NATO, Slovenia's permanent representative to the NATO Jelko Kacin told N1, commenting on the recent media reports on a Croatian parliamentarian allegedly advocating that Bosnia's NATO accession is conditioned with the Election Law changes.

The statements came ahead of the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting which will among other topics discuss Bosnia's NATO road.

“Croatia certainly doesn't want to and will not block Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not possible to amend the Election Law just like that and definitely not by Wednesday,” said the Slovenian diplomat.

Croatian media earlier reported that Croatian MP and Head of that country's delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Miroslav Tudjman, spoke to the NATO Secretary General and asked that Bosnia's NATO road is conditioned with the changes to Bosnia's Election Law, particularly the provisions treating the status of the Croat people in Bosnia.

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 A NATO official who spoke for N1 could not comment on the allegations, saying that the details of talks with the Secretary-General are usually not made public.

Montenegro, Bosnia's neighbour and NATO member state will be represented in the meeting by its Foreign Minister, Srdjan Darmanovic. His office briefly said the minister would present the stances based on current Montenegro's policy towards Bosnia and based on the facts.

The discussion on Bosnia at the NATO headquarters comes two weeks after the European Union ministers talked about the post-election developments in Bosnia, again at the request of Croatian officials.

They raised the issue of the rights of the Bosnian Croats which, according to them, were threatened and violated following the election of Zeljko Komsic, the Bosnian Croat who they believe was elected owing to the votes of another ethnic group, the Bosniaks.