Serbian associations, movements disappointed over Bosnian commander's acquittal

NEWS 01.12.2018 15:04
Source: N1

The acquittal of Bosnian wartime military commander Naser Oric is “deeply unjust and political” decision, said President of the Association of Serbs of the Region Miodrag Linta, commenting on the final verdict the Bosnian state court handed down on Friday.

“It is another in series of unjust but expected decisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s judiciary, whose goal is to acquit Bosniak forces commanders who ordered or personally committed war crimes against Serb war prisoners and civilians,” said Linta.

“The said verdict for Oric is yet another mocking on Serb victims because it has been long known that only killing of Serbs is not punishable,” he added.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina acquitted on Friday wartime Srebrenica commander Naser Oric and one of his aides, who were charged with killing three Serbs in the eastern part of Bosnia during the 1992-95 war.

The court decision triggered a series of reactions among Bosnian Serb and Serbian leadership, who among other things said Bosnian judiciary worked in favour of “Bosniak wartime politics.”

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Linta said it was clear from the very beginning that the trial of Naser Oric was “nothing but a farce” and that the Serbs cannot expect justice in Sarajevo.

Jankovic: Verdict for Oric carries a taste of injustice

Sasa Jankovic, the leader the Movement of Free Citizens, a Serbian social-liberal organisation, noted that the acquittal of Oric “carries a taste of injustice” but that Bosnia and Serbia have to continue the cooperation for the sake of their European future.

Jankovic added it was necessary for the two countries to turn towards the economic, sport, cultural, political and other types of cooperation because that was the only way for them “to become ready for the global game and turn them towards a better European future.”