Police apprehend Davor Dragicevic for 'posing a threat to security'

NEWS 25.12.2018 11:04
Source: Srđan Puhalo/Twitter

Davor Dragicevic, the father of a young man who died in March this year under still unresolved circumstances, was apprehended Tuesday morning in the north-western Bosnian city of Banja Luka for "posing a threat to security," police confirmed.

According to N1's reporters, Dragicevic was arrested in the central part of the city for, as the police said, posing “a threat to security.” 

Reportedly, the police attempted to summon Dragicevic a day before to put in the record the said criminal offence but without a success. His attorney Ifet Feraget confirmed for N1 this was an alleged reason for the apprehension.

Banja Luka based Interior Ministry said a few days ago that a criminal complaint was filed against Dragicevic and several other persons for the gathering from December 17 in front of Republika Srpska entity institutions during a session when new entity government was appointed. 

Attorney Dragan Tolimir confirmed for N1 that Dragicevic was injured during the apprehension and was sent to a hospital for medical examination. His ex-wife Suzana Radanovic was also apprehended, Tolimir said.

Live tweets from Banja Luka showed that the police surrounded the central square where Dragicevic and his supporters have been protesting for the past months. 

21-year-old David Dragicevic went missing on March 18 this year and his dead body was found six days later in the Crkvena river, Banja Luka.

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Competent institutions first claimed his disappearance and tragic death were “accidental” but strong public pressure the parents of the young man exerted since then have led the authorities to repeat investigation and eventually describe the death as a murder.

However, the names of the perpetrators involved in this case have not been unveiled to date.

Thousands of citizens gathered in an informal group ‘Justice for David’ with the father at the helm have been protesting since March in the central part of Banja Luka, demanding that the case is resolved and often openly blaming the entity institutions and officials for Dragicevic's death.

Banja Luka police reported Dragicevic several times for posing a threat to security.