Prosecutor's Office issues indictment for attempted murder of a journalist

NEWS 28.12.2018 14:16
Source: N1

The Banja Luka Prosecutor's Office issued on Thursday an indictment against a resident of the town who is suspected of being involved in the attempted murder of journalist Vladimir Kovacevic in August this year.

Marko Colic is suspected of attempting to kill the journalist together with Nedeljko Dukic, who is at large and subject to an international arrest warrant since the beginning of November.


The Banja Luka Prosecutor's Office has forwarded the indictment to the District Court for confirmation.

Two men wearing hoods had beaten the BN TV journalist with batons in the evening of August 26. Kovacevic was hospitalised and the Banja Luka Prosecutor’s Office said the assault will be characterised as a case of attempted murder.

Media associations and foreign institutions harshly condemned the attack, urging the competent institutions to find the perpetrators and create conditions for uninterrupted work of journalists.