Former Bosnian Foreign Minister: Political situation in Bosnia is frightening

NEWS 29.12.2018 14:03
Source: N1

The EU stands no chance if they allow Bosnia to be divided along its national and religious lines, said Bosnia’s former Foreign Minister and Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zlatko Lagumdzija. He added he believes that Bosnia will never become a segregated society because the people will not allow it to happen.

Speaking about Bosnia’s position in the world today, he said that “Bosnia is not positioned at all. However, if we manage to show to the world just how much we’ve learned from our own suffering, only then we will be able to show to Europe and the rest of the world just how much they need us.”

When it comes to the current political situation in the country, Lagumdzija said the situation is “frightening.”

“Our politics have turned into politics without any norms or values. What was once the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ turned into a fight for positions. This situation is the result of one fundamental mistake, and that is the non-implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights,” Lagumdzija noted.

In his opinion, this state of affairs cannot last very long. His advice to the newly elected officials is to either try to fulfil some of the promises they made during the election campaign or to step aside. All the people who won their mandates after the October general election in Bosnia can be ousted, the former Bosnian diplomat concluded.