Bosnian Serb leader: UK behind protests in Banja Luka and Belgrade

Source: N1

Bosnian Serb Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik said that anyone who is slightly politically literate could see that the protests in Banja Luka and Belgrade are coordinated and that Great Britain is behind them. He said that they aim to topple the RS and Serbian governments “thus preventing the alleged Russian influence.”

“The British are dealing with the prevention of the alleged Russian influence in the Republika Srpska entity. We are not ready to be in the group of cowards and introduce sanctions to Russia. Russia is our important partner, as we want the United States and the EU to our partners, as well,” Dodik told the Serbian Kurir.

He added that five individuals, British citizens, managed to elude theRS law enforcement. They were, allegedly, in charge of organising and gathering protesters for the ‘Justice for David’ protest. According to him, the RS police has their names.

‘Justice for David’ has been gathering at the Krajina Square, which they have been calling ‘David’s square’ for the past nine months, demanding the truth and justice for a young man whose controversial murder has sparked ongoing anti-government protests.

David Dragicevic was murdered in March, and initially, police said that he had taken drugs and drowned in a nearby river. This explanation sparked public outrage and angered the young man’s father who swore he would pursue justice no matter what.

His father, Davor Dragicevic believes police is covering up the murder and protecting some politically connected suspects.

“The UK has approved £ 6 million for the prevention of the Russian influence in the region. That means the money can be pumped into various NGOs and media to produce instability and topple governments in the RS and Belgrade,” Dodik told Kurir.

Davor Dragicevic announced mass protests on Sunday and on Saturday he published a list of demands which he expects to be fulfilled by Sunday, at 6 pm, when the mass protest is set to take place, in spite of police warnings that the rally would be considered illegal.

His demands are resignations of the RS Interior Minister Dragan Lukac, head of the RS Police Organised Crime Unit Darko Ilic, Director of RS Police Darko Culum, pathologist and head of the RS forensic medicine institute Zeljko Karan and prosecutors Zelimir Lepir and Dalibor Vreco.

He said he demands their resignations “because of their involvement in the illegal actions of covering up of the murder of his son in order to protect the institutions of the RS.”

Dragicevic stressed, on Saturday, that the Sunday rally would take place in Banja Luka with the police permission or without it.