'Zurnal' investigation: How to get a four-year high school diploma in 17 days

Source: Žurnal.info/YouTube

After only seventeen days and without spending any of them in class, a ‘Zurnal’ journalist allegedly managed to get a state-verified secondary medical school diploma saying her average grade during her studies, which usually last for four years, was ‘B.’

The ‘Zurnal’ investigative team was investigating allegations regarding purchases of high school diplomas, and journalist Azra Omerovic allegedly managed to buy one.

The diploma said that she enrolled at the Sanski Most Secondary Medical School for Nurses in November 2016 and graduated in November 2018.

It allegedly said that she passed her exams in Anatomy and Physiology, Hygiene and Health Protection, Microbiology, Medical Psychology, Infective Diseases, Pathology, Surgery, Pharmacology and that she even attended practical class.

The team filmed the entire process from the moment when she asked how to obtain the diploma to the meeting at a local restaurant when an alleged mediator came to hand it to her.