Dragicevic demands that his son's murder is solved by state-level institutions

NEWS 07.01.2019 15:09
Source: N1

A week after he disappeared, Davor Dragicevic, the father searching the justice for his murdered son, appeared on social networks demanding that the case of his son's death is transferred to the State Prosecution and saying this is his only request.

“If we don't persist now, the system will kill us, and that's the same system we have been asking for the past ten months to do its job,” Dragicevic said in a video message, addressing the public from an unknown location.

The video was shared on the Justice for David Facebook group, which gathers supporters of the father who has been demanding from authorities in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity (RS) to solve the murder of his son, David Dragicevic.

After nearly ten months of protesting in the central square of Banja Luka, the north-western town where the murder took place and which is the seat of RS institutions, the father now wants the case to be transferred to the state-level institutions.

Dragicevic disappeared on December 30 last year after the police issued the arrest warrant for him and several other persons, for alleged violation of public order and peace during their protest.

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“We made no mistake over the past ten months, and they treat us this way because they have nowhere to go. (…) Evidence exists,” said Dragicevic in the video.

“Greetings to everyone supporting the Justice for David group. I am still healthy, in the right mind. They didn't manage to remove me. They can kill me physically but they can't seize anything else from me, and that's the truth and the Justice for David,” said Dragicevic.

The gatherings that the young man's parents and thousands of supporters staged for the past months turned into a mass anti-government protest in which Dragicevic openly blamed the RS leadership of being the accomplice in his son's murder.