Magical scenery of the Old Town of Travnik in the winter

NEWS 10.01.2019 11:29

Nestled in the Lasva river valley, surrounded by mountains Vlasic from the north and Vilenica from the south, lies the town of Travnik.

The Slavic people left little evidence of the first 500 years of their presence in the Travnik area, but history recorded its first mention in 1244 when Hungarian King Bela IV awarded one of his nobles with a piece of land in the Lasva river valley.

Since then, this area was a feudal possession of the Bosnian state. Although the remains from this century do not show the wealth that was known in the Roman era, there were still castles and fortresses.

The Travnik fortress is perhaps the most impressive Bosnian fortress of all time, which still exists and is best preserved from all. The name Travnik also dates from this period.

Scenes of the Old Town of Travnik taken from the air can be viewed in the video below.