Former FC Dinamo boss will not be extradited to Croatia

Source: N1

Bosnia’s Justice Minister rejected Croatia’s extradition request for the convicted former Dinamo football club boss Zdravko Mamic who is on the run in Bosnia, the Ministry said.

After the Court decided that there were no legal conditions for his extradition, Minister Josip Grubesa decided to reject the Croatian Justice Ministry’s request.

The Ministry added that in situations like this one, they are “the only competent authority to act.”

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Zdravko Mamic, his brother Zoran, former Dinamo director Damir Vrbanovic and tax official Milan Pernar have been found guilty by the Osijek County Court, of syphoning about 116 million kuna (€15.7 million) from Dinamo and defrauding the state budget of about 12.2 million kuna (€1.6 million) in unpaid taxes and surtaxes.

Considering he has Bosnian citizenship, he was not extradited to Croatia.

Bosnia’s Appeals Chamber decided in July last year that he would not be extradited to Croatia. Mamic is currently in the southern town of Medjugorje from where he said he would not return to Croatia.

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