Airlines announce new flights from Sarajevo

NEWS 22.01.2019 19:45
Source: N1

The newly established FlyBosnia airline has announced new flights from Sarajevo, with the focus on destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

“London and Frankfurt are our starting destinations. With an increase in the number of aeroplanes, we will also include Rome, Paris, Barcelona, as well as Riyadh, Jeddah, Beirut and Kuwait,” said FlyBosnia CEO, Chris Gabriel.

The company is expecting to acquire its second and third aeroplane this year.

“Within the next five years we will have eight aeroplanes, and we will be flying to destinations which there is an interest for. We are focused on direct flights,” Gabriel said.

Other airlines also announced new routes from Sarajevo, including to Athens, Monastir, Skopje, Amman and Bahrein, said Sarajevo International Airport spokesperson, Sanja Bagaric-Arnaut.

Sarajevo’s airport had its most successful year in 2018, as more than one million people used its services.

It is, however, still lagging behind the Zagreb and Belgrade airports.