Snow causing trouble across Bosnia

NEWS 24.01.2019 11:30
Source: N1

Due to heavy snowfalls in the central Bosnian municipality Prozor-Rama, the classes have been cancelled in all schools in the area for Thursday and Friday.

The state of natural disaster that was declared on January 9 in the northern town of Kladanj is still effective. Although the roads are open in the whole area of Tuzla Canton, where Kladanj is located, the traffic is slow and drivers are called for caution.

Snow has been falling for the last night in the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton, in the east, and in the Central-Bosnia Canton, where the roads are slippery and traffic is slow.

The most difficult situation is in the south-western part of the country, where the authorities of Glamoc municipality declared the state of natural disaster. All roads except for the local Livno-Suica-Kupres local road are open.

Authorities of the Canton 10, also in the south-west of the country, cancelled the classes in both primary and secondary schools.