Vucic: Media in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Pristina support 1 in 5 Million protest


The biggest support for the ongoing anti-government protests across Serbia is coming from media in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Pristina, Serbia's President, Aleksandar Vucic, said on Wednesday.

“Why do you think Zagreb is happy with Aleksandar Vucic’s failure? Why am I their problem? They are bothered by a stronger Serbia,” he told the pro-government Pink Television in an interview.

“I heard objections from Sarajevo about Serbia’s arming itself. Will you forbid us to?” he said.

Protests under the slogan ‘1 in 5 Million’ have been ongoing for months in Belgrade and have spread to other towns across Serbia since the beginning of December. The unrest was sparked by the brutal beating of an opposition leader in Serbia a month before.

Vucic said there was “no power” which would force him to speak with the opposition leaders, but that he remained open to speaking to the people.

“I’m not interested in that (talks with opposition). I won’t meet with them. I’m always open to the people, citizens,” he said, calling his political opponents “thieves.”