Bosnia's municipality encourages birth rate among its population

Source: Shutterstock

Authorities of eastern Bosnian municipality Rogatica decided to incite birth rate among its residents by promising to provide a one-time financial support to parents of newly born babies.

The number of inhabitants in Rogatica area significantly decreased between the two population censuses, one held in 1991 and the latest one in 2013, as a result of the 1990s war when thousands were displaced or died in horrors of the war.

In 1991, the number of residents had reached almost 22,000 while 22 years later it dropped by half and counted a little over 10,700.

With its latest step, the municipal authorities in Rogatica showed that they plan to change that.

A commission to encourage the birth rate in this municipality has announced a public call aimed to provide the financial assistance of 500 marks (approx €250) for the parents of their every newborn.

The couples who submit medical documentation to prove they are treating a fertility issue for three years and longer will receive the amount of 1,000 marks (approx €500) for the medical treatment expenses.

(€1 = 1.95 Bosnian marks)