Telemach company and KKR's contribution to Sarajevo Diplomatic Winter Bazaar

NEWS 15.02.2019 12:05
Source: Telemach

Telemach company and the Telemach Foundation donated a voucher to the “Rastimo Zajedno” Association from Gacko, Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the Sarajevo Diplomatic Winter Bazaar fund distribution ceremony.

This year’s Diplomatic Winter Bazaar, held in December last year, has raised 212,000 marks which will traditionally be distributed to humanitarian organisations working with children and the most vulnerable social groups in the country.

Telemach company Chief Financial Officer and head of the Telemach Foundation Management Board, Hajdi Mostic, handed a voucher to the Facko Association “Rastimo Zajedno, thus honouring the years-long friendship and support for the Winter Bazaar.

Despite the hard work of Bazaar's organising committee, such a result would not have been possible without the selfless help and cooperation of the international and local community, domestic exhibitors and participants, as well as the fantastic response of the citizens, who decided to spend the December 1 visiting the Bazaar.

Some of the associations that received the funds from the 2018 Bazaar are: “SOS Djecija Sela BiH” from Srebrenica, “Franjevacki medjunarodni studentski centar” from Sarajevo, “Los Rosales” from Mostar and “Downsy i mi” from Banja Luka.

The annual winter bazaar has become a tradition in Sarajevo allowing Embassies, NGOs and vendors to come together and offer a wide range of tantalizing food, drinks, handicrafts and more. It also features a variety of entertainment for adults and children throughout the day.

All the funds raised from sales at the event go towards worthy causes focusing on a wide range of social and educational issues across Bosnia and Herzegovina.