Telemach formally becomes Bosnia Basketball Federation's general sponsor

NEWS 18.02.2019 14:41
Source: N1

For the next three years, the Telemach company will be the general sponsor of Bosnia’s Basketball Federation and all its national teams, said the Federation President, Mirza Teletovic, at a Monday press conference.

“I want to thank Telemach for this partnership, friendship and the friendly relationship they foster with our national team and the Federation,” former NBA star and Bosnia’s Basketball Federation President, Mirza Teletovic, said during a press conference in Sarajevo when Telemach was formally presented as the Federation's general sponsor.

Telemach company CEO, Admir Drndic, thanked Teletovic and spoke of the future cooperation between the Federation and the company.

“Some two years ago, the Telemach company recognised the efforts of Bosnia’s Junior National Team who won the European Championship, and we decided to support them by partnering with the team. Thus we became the general sponsor of men’s junior basketball team,” Drndic said. “Two years later we’re proud to be able to support this new project, to step forward and to support all Bosnian national teams. We’re honoured to be proud of this project, and everyone in Telemach is convinced that these young boys and their new manager and leadership will bring Bosnian basketball back to where it belongs.”

“We want to support them and wish them luck in the upcoming qualifications for the World Championship,” he added.

Bosnia’s Basketball Federation Secretary-General Amer Colan said the Federation quickly recognised the opportunity this cooperation provides to them and accepted their proposal.

“Telemach company has a clear vision of what they want in this country, which is to cooperate with our national team. Our Federation recognised that, and we quickly came up with an excellent concept. Therefore, I want to thank Telemach for this cooperation,” Colan added.