Council of Ministers Chairman: Bosnia and diaspora must improve cooperation

NEWS 18.02.2019 18:22
Source: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers Chairman, Denis Zvizdic, attended the annual Munich gathering of Bosnian diaspora living in the German province of Bavaria, where he stressed the need to improve the cooperation between the State and the diaspora.

Zvizdic said that the cooperation has room for improvement in every field and called on the diaspora to invest in Bosnia as much as possible.

He urged them to bring their business partners to Bosnia and to implement their business ideas there.

During the meeting, the Council of Ministers Chairman also mentioned the current situation regarding Bosnia’s economy and security, noting that many goals were reached and that the country managed to improve its economic competitiveness and boost its GDP and exports.

He added that Bosnia also decreased its deficit, raised the employment level and that Bosnian products became more competitive.

At the end of the meeting, Zvizdic stressed that Bosnia has a European future and that its EU integration has no alternative.

During the 1992-1995 Bosnian war, some 1.5 to 2 million Bosnian refugees fled the country. According to Bosnia's Foreign Ministry, Germany alone took in some 240,000 Bosnians, most of whom returned to Bosnia after the war, through a German refugee-return program, encouraging the return to previous places of residence.

The remaining Bosnians, however, turned out to be a valuable asset for this country, and many other Western-European countries where they now own successful businesses. 

The country that took in most Bosnian refugees is the US, where over 350,000 Bosnians live and work.