Answers to European Commission's follow-up questions sent for final confirmation

Source: N1

Answers to the 655 follow-up questions from the EU Commission’s Questionnaire were submitted to all governments and the Council of Ministers for confirmation, the Head of the State Directorate for European Integration, Edin Dilberovic, told Srna news agency.

“We’ve submitted the final answers to the Council of Ministers and governments at all levels, in local languages and English and now they have to confirm them,” Dilberovic said.

They have a three-day deadline to confirm the answers after which the answers will be sent to Brussels, to the European Commission.

On June 20, the European Commission sent 655 follow-up questions to the Questionnaire which originally had 3,242 questions. These were answered and submitted in February 2018.

The Questionnaire is part of the European Commission’s assessment of each EU candidate country on what reforms they need to implement before becoming an EU member state.