State police raid Defence Ministry seeking evidence of abuse of power

NEWS 04.03.2019 18:00
Source: PIXSELL / Ilustracija

State police raided on Monday the premises of Bosnia’s Defence Ministry looking for evidence of abuse of power in connection with an arms-selling deal with a Croatian company that was allegedly not greenlit by Bosnia’s Presidency.

The focus was a computer that contained data from the deal.


The affair dates back to the post-war period when Bosnia had two armies and two defence ministries, one in each of the country’s semi-autonomous regions, called entities. The ministries melted into one in 2004 and the armies in 2005.

The deals were made between the entity ministries in 2003 and 2004. Bosnia’s two armies were to sell their unusable and outdated weapons to a Croatian company.

The questionable annexes to the contracts were made between March 22, 2010, and October 22, 2010, allegedly without the approval of the country’s Presidency, which is a requirement.