Bosnian allegedly among suspected Islamic State fighters caught in Baghouz

NEWS 05.03.2019 21:11
Source: AFP/Bulent Kilic

A Bosnian national is allegedly among the suspected members of the Islamic State (IS) who have surrendered in Syria’s northern town of Baghouz following an offensive by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who tried to take over the last territory controlled by IS.

AFP published on Monday a photograph of the alleged Bosnian national as he was being searched by SDF forces after leaving Baghouz, but did not reveal his identity.

The man was part of a group of some 200 alleged IS members who surrendered during the battles that were fought over the weekend, according to an SDF spokesperson.

The SDF, a force supported by the US, had besieged the last IS enclave east of the river Euphrates a few weeks ago.