Central Bank records less forged money in 2018

NEWS 06.03.2019 11:21
Source: Pixabay (ilustracija)

A little over 2,000 counterfeit banknotes and coins of all currencies were registered in 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is by 28.13 percent less than a year before, the Central Bank said on Wednesday.

Of the total number of the forged money, 535 were Bosnian mark banknotes. Compared to 2017, this number dropped by 22.28 percent. Most of the counterfeit banknotes were those of 100 marks (214 or 40 percent).

The Central Bank also said the number of forged Euro banknotes dropped by 16.99 percent over the last year. Of 215 banknotes 99 were fake 50 Euro banknotes, followed by 46 banknotes of 100 Euro and 30 fake 20 Euro banknotes.

Compared to previous years, the second most falsified foreign currency banknote in 2018 was no longer the US dollar but the Swiss franc, the Central Bank said.