Two Bosnian nationals about to return from Syria, Security Minister confirms

NEWS 09.03.2019 12:07
Source: AFP

Two Bosnian nationals who allegedly surrendered or were captured in Syria will be transported back to Bosnia, the Security Minister confirmed on Saturday.

Unofficially, the two Bosnians are Ibro Cufurovic and Armin Curt, who were both soldiers of the so-called Islamic State (IS).

“They are subject to international warrants and we must accept them. We recorded a great part of the activities they had there and we will take them back. We will immediately hand them over to the Court and the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Security Minister Dragan Mektic told N1.

According to the minister, the authorities are currently negotiating on technicalities of the Bosnian nationals’ transport. The procedure is expected to be over within 20 days.

A few days ago, expert on terrorism and security issues Vlado Azinovic tweeted several photos of Bosnian nationals who reportedly surrendered in the besieged town of Baghouz, the last IS enclave.

Among them, were Amir Selimovic and Alija Keserovic, whom Azinovic recognised in the photos.

Minister confirmed there was a suspicion that there were more of Bosnian nationals out there.

Unofficially, among them are Ibro Cufurovic and Armin Curt, both held in the Kurdish-run camp Roj in the north of Syria.