Three candidates for president of North Macedonia

NEWS 11.03.2019 21:10
Source: Armend NIMANI / AFP

The North Macedonia State Election Commission has confirmed three candidates for president at the coming election.

The commission said in a press release that the candidates are Stevo Pendarovski of the ruling coalition, Gordana Siljanovska of the opposition VMRO DPMNE and Blerim Reka who is running with the support of Albanian opposition parties. 

Those three managed to collect the required 10,000 signatures of voters by the deadline while six others failed to do so, the commission said. According to a commission spokeswoman, Siljanovska-Davkova collected 15,926 signatures, Reka 11,128 and Pendarovski 31,729 signatures.

The presidential elections have been scheduled for April 21 with a run-off vote on May 5 if no candidate wins in the first round.

Macedonian President Gjorgje Ivanov’s second term in office expires on May 12.