United Media: Sport Klub distributed legally in Bosnia and Herzegovina

NEWS 15.03.2019 19:29
Source: Promo

United Media S.à.r.l. said that the distribution of the Sport Klub channels in Bosnia and Herzegovina is being done in full compliance with the law.

Responding to attempts of the Association of Cable Operators and Distributors (AKOP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina to shift the attention of the public in the country from the disputable acquisitions of some AKOP members (including allegedly the Elta-Kable which is owned by AKOP leader Aca Kabanica) by the Telekom Serbia group ono the allegedly unresolved issue of the distribution of Sport Klub channels in Bosnia, United Media S.à.r.l, as broadcaster of Sport Klub channels, said it wanted to stress several facts “which prove that the claims by AKOP are groundless.”

“First of all, we stress that there is no single decision of competent bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina against United Media S.à.r.l, as the current distributor of Sport Klub channels and all decisions against earlier distributors have been implemented,” said the United Media.

The group pointed out that the AKOP claims are wrong and that this is confirmed by the widely-known fact that besides United Group members, Sport Klub channels are being distributed by Telekom Srpska and HT Mostar on their platforms, that is by all those who expressed an interest in signing contracts to distribute Sport Klub channels under the same conditions granted to the United Group members.

“Finally, the Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not adopt an AKOP demand to determine that the decisions have not been implemented,” said the United Media.

“On the other hand, it is the fact that a court has ruled that Elta-Kabel owned by Kabanica has inflicted damages to the earlier distributor of Sport Klub by illegally distributing Sport Klub channels (ruling by Municipal Court in Sarajevo No 65 0 Ps 329324 14 Ps 2 of 12, July, 2016), and that there are several cases underway against that company before the competent bodies for the unauthorised distribution of media content and other violations of regulations”, the group added.

The United Media group recalled it has invested more than 200 million US dollars in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is employing almost 600 people across the country and has secured services for its users in line with the highest European standards, being prepared to continue investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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