Salafi supporters gather to protest a queer festival

NEWS 15.03.2019 20:54
Source: N1

Salafi movement supporters in Bosnia staged a protest on Friday in Tuzla, expressing dissatisfaction over an international queer film festival taking place in that northern Bosnian city.

The festival ‘Merlinka’ was opened Friday evening under strong security measures provided by Tuzla Canton police and security services.

Prior to the festival opening, a group of Salafi movement supporters gathered to, as they said, express dissatisfaction over the event which is taking place for the fifth year in that town.

The organisers said they were disappointed by such actions.

“We promote diversity, freedom and equality. But it is necessary to know that everything that passes from the speech of freedom into the speech of hate is punishable. Any pressure on our public gathering and call for violence is unacceptable. We expect from competent bodies to process the perpetrators of this misbehaviour and to closely follow the situation because that's their duty,” said Dajana Bakic, representing the Tuzla Open Centre, host of the event.

Compared to the previous years, when they were expressing their dissatisfaction through social networks, the Salafi supporters this time gathered in the open to voice their objection against the event.

The protest lasted for 15 minutes after which they left at a request of the police.