Criminalistics professor: No place in the world is safe from terrorist attacks

NEWS 16.03.2019 12:31
Source: N1

No place in the world is today safe from the threat of a terrorist attack such as the one that took place in New Zealand on Friday, Professor at the Sarajevo University Criminalistic Faculty, Muhamed Budimlic, told N1 on Friday.

“I am not surprised, we live in a world in which fear is one of the key topics. It became an instrument for acquiring power. Xenophobia and nationalism are the main sources of fear among people,” Budimlic said.


The professor said he was convinced that the attacker was “charged by information which has nothing to do with him personally,” and that he was “simply infected with hateful ideas towards people, towards those who are different.”

The killer also had “a desire for attention, for an audience and approval,” Budimlic said.

“One of the key goals was the recording so that he would get as many likes as possible on some scene,” he said.

Budimlic also touched upon the security situation in Bosnia, saying that the problems the country faces should be solved at the lower levels of government, “at the level of local communities.”

“The government is not steered towards the protection of nations and peoples, but towards achieving the interests of small groups who are at the top,” he said.