Activists mark anniversary of the discovery of David Dragicevic’s body

Source: Anadolija

Members of the ‘Justice for David’ group have marked the anniversary of the discovery of the body of David Dragicevic, on Sunday, whose death sparked anti-government protests in the north-western city of Banja Luka, demanding that the truth surrounding his death be revealed.

The group members laid flowers and lit candles at the place where the body was found, chanting “Justice for David, justice for all, justice for our children,” and sang the 21-year-old’s song “Kid from the ghetto.”

Dragicevic was murdered in March 2018 and, initially, police said that he had taken drugs and drowned in a river near Banja Luka.

The explanation sparked public outrage and angered the young man’s father, Davor Dragicevic, who swore he would pursue justice no matter what.

Citizens have been gathering in Banja Luka for nearly a year under the slogan ‘Justice for David’ to protest against the Republika Srpska (RS) entity authorities, demanding the truth behind the death of Dragicevic to be revealed. Davor Dragicevic and his supporters believe RS police is covering up the murder and protecting some politically connected suspects.

Their gatherings grew into the largest anti-government protests Bosnia has seen since the war.

RS authorities temporarily detained numerous supporters of the group throughout the past few months, including the leader, Davor Dragicevic.

He is currently on the run. There is a warrant out against him for disturbing public security with the protests.

Davor’s whereabouts remain unknown. It is also unknown whether he will attend the funeral.

Ozren Perduv from the ‘Justice for David’ group told the press that David’s parents and other residents do not believe in the police and prosecution’s version of events and they believe the young man's body was brought to the location he was found at.

He added that ‘Justice for David’ group will never stop seeking the truth.

Recently, David’s remains were exhumed from the Banja Luka cemetery and buried in Wiener Neustadt, in Austria, where his mother lives.