SDA leader on recent incident: Huso Cesir attacked camera, not cameraman

NEWS 30.03.2019 15:36
Source: N1

Huso Cesir did not attack the cameraman but his camera, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) leader Bakir Izetbegovic said commenting on the last week's incident involving SDA's high-ranking official and a journalist working on an alleged corruption story.

According to Izetbegovic, Cesir lost his temper but he will not be sanctioned or expelled from the party for what he did.

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The incident triggered strong reactions of media associations and international organisations, including the US Embassy and OSCE's Media Freedom representative.

 Attacks against media are unacceptable and require a proper sanction, they said.

But, the SDA leader does not share this stance.

“When journalists make sanctions and expel from a journalists’ association only one of those who in this country made a chaos in heads of people, to whom the truth is not holy, who disturb, who break into private lives of people…we all know how that works, what misery they caused to us – when they expel one of those, we will also expel Huso Cesir,” Izetbegovic said in defence of his party's official.

“Cesir is a deserving man, he was a good soldier, he was a good SDA member…,” he said.

A journalist of Bosnia-based investigative news outlet Zurnal, Adi Kebo, was attacked on Thursday while trying record the entrance to Cesir's private company ‘Bosnaplast’ which this outlet wrote about before, alleging that it was awarded public tenders through party nepotism.

The incident was reported to the police.