Opposition leader receives threats after becoming advisor to Presidency member

Source: Facebook/Čedomir Jovanović

Threats to Serbia's opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Cedomir Jovanovic started on social networks the moment Jovanovic was appointed an advisor to Croat member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, LDP said on Saturday.

The attacks were started by “tabloids and professional patriots” which led to “a hysteria of anonymous lunatics” on the social network, according to LDP.

Jovanovic is an outspoken critic of Serbian and Bosnian Serb authorities because of their policy towards Serbia, which he claims is nationalistic.

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“After the defeat of their catastrophic policies, the only thing left for them is growling through tabloids and ordered articles, with the well-tested mantra on traitors and patriots,” said Saturday statement issued by LDP.

Jovanovic's appointment came soon after the Bosnia Serb Presidency member and current Chairman, Milorad Dodik, named renowned filmmaker Emir Kusturica as an advisor. Kusturica is a Sarajevo-born, pro-Russian close ally of Dodik with a Muslim background but he converted years ago to Serb Orthodoxy and gave himself name Nemanja.

Contrary to Kusturica, whom many see as a Serb ultra-nationalist, Jovanovic has been advocating confrontation with the past in the region and establishing new relations based on mutual respect.

In the statement criticizing those currently in power in Serbia, LDP suggested them to do something good for the country and “go to Podgorica, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Pristina, Skoplje, so they can understand the proportions of their politics which brought nothing good anyone but them and their wish to keep forever Serbia on the margin of modern world and keep them in power, while they change the names of the parties as if that will make them different from who they truly are.”