First Pride Parade scheduled, activists expect support of institutions, citizens

NEWS 01.04.2019 21:08
Source: N1

The first Pride Parade in Bosnia and Herzegovina is set to take place on September 8 in the capital city of Sarajevo, activists announced on Monday. They hope to get the support of institutions and citizens in their efforts to make this event happen for the first time.

Mirza Halilcevic, an activist, has been advocating for years for LGBTI rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although this community has no common stance, he does support the idea of the Pride.

“I think it is empowering, motivating, it is very important to get together in that common space because these are rare moments. The LGBT gathering space is often sidelined, on the verge, very displaced from the public space,” said Halilcevic.

The first Pride Parade organisers say one of the crucial parts of the event will be the safety of its participants.

“What the Pride Parade does is putting the current violence against LGBTI community from the invisible sphere to a visible sphere,” one of the organizers, Lejla Huremovic, told media.

The activists have informed the Sarajevo Canton ministries in charge of internal affairs and transportation about their plans.

The route of the Pride Parade has not been determined yet but, the organisers emphasised, they would ask for the event to take place in the city centre where other similar events usually are held. The details will be arranged in cooperation with competent institutions in Sarajevo Canton.

While the news triggered a series of comments on social networks, mostly negative ones, the citizens speaking in front of cameras have a rather moderate stance.

“Everyone has right to love anyone they want, but some people do mind it. I am neutral on this topic,” said a Sarajevo citizen.

“I didn’t think about it, I wouldn’t mind it.”

“I have no opinion on that, let people have fun.”

LGBTI underlined that the Pride Parade will not be just a parade but a protest whose actors will draw attention to the bad status they have in the community.