Strongest Bosniak party calls for the cancellation of Sarajevo Pride Parade

NEWS 03.04.2019 09:48
Source: N1

Every Bosnian citizen, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, political or ideological orientation as well as sexual preference, must have the same rights, but events such as Pride Parade should be cancelled because they only cause confusion among Sarajevo residents, the Democratic Action Party (SDA) wrote in a public statement, on Wednesday.

“In a society like ours, which cherishes fundamental family values in spite of ever more challenging times, LGBT community members should not organise public parades or marches because they would only widen the gap between people of different understandings, and they would not bring any new values to human rights,” the SDA wrote.

LGBTI+ activists announced on Tuesday that they would organise a Pride Parade in Sarajevo, on September 8 and they hope that the authorities will provide adequate protection because safety is the number one priority in situations like this.

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The strongest Bosniak party with strong connections with the Islamic Community in Bosnia, claims that ever since their inception, the party has always protected the fundamental human rights and freedoms, and they fiercely oppose any form of discrimination in the society, and across the country.

“Every citizen of this country must have equal rights regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious, political or ideological orientation. The right to free life, property, health care, education and work must be guaranteed to every person, regardless of their sexual orientation,” they added.

The party called upon the organisers and the Sarajevo Canton authorities “to refrain from organising such events and which needlessly create confusion among the citizens of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. ”