A Scottish man and his Bosnian furry friend travel the world

NEWS 03.04.2019 15:13
Source: Instagram

When Dean Nicholson got bored of his job as a welder in Scotland and embarked on a journey around the world, he never imagined he would at some point find a four-legged friend who would accompany him in his adventure.

Now, Nicholson and Nala, a kitten he picked up in Bosnia, are inseparable.

Nicolson left Dunbar, his hometown, in September last year and cycled to Newcastle, where he boarded a ferry to Amsterdam. He then cycled through Belgium and Switzerland and reached Italy, where he again took the ferry to Croatia and continued towards the east.

As he cycled through the hills of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nicholson heard meowing. He stopped to pet the kitten.

When he wanted to leave, it wouldn’t leave his side.

“I wasn’t going to take her with me at first, but I soon fell in love with her and I couldn’t bring myself to leave her there alone. We’ve been inseparable now,” said Nicholson, who often posts videos of Nala on social media.

Nala, who now has a passport, has meanwhile accompanied Nicholson through Albania and Greece.