Serbian opposition blocked from city hall, march through central Belgrade

NEWS 04.04.2019 11:24
Source: N1

Alliance for Serbia officials blocked the entrance to Belgrade city hall on Thursday after city hall staff prevented them from seeing Mayor Zoran Radojicic to hand him a list of their demands and then marched through central streets to draw attention to what they said is illegal construction work on Republic Square.

An N1 reporter said that most of the city hall staff who were blocking the entrance are women who first stood at the entrance and then sat down on the steps. The large group of opposition activists and followers stood in front of the entrance shouting slogans.  

Marko Bastac, head of the central Stari Grad municipality, said the Alliance officials had asked the mayor to come out to talk to them and did not intend to break into the building. He said that as city assembly members and municipality chiefs they were well within their rights to see the mayor.  

Alliance leaders Bosko Obradovic, Borko Stefanovic, Nikola Jovanovic and central Stari Grad municipality chief Marko Bastac then led the crowd on a march through central streets carrying plastic road barriers similar to those used by construction crews. The march ended up in front of the Electronic Media Regulatory Body (REM) building which was cordoned off with the barriers.  

An N1 reporter said there were only a few Communal Police officers present along with a traffic police patrol. The security detail at Belgrade city police is made up of city police officers in plain clothes.  

Alliance for Serbia City Assembly group chief Nikola Jovanovic told reporters that he sent a request to meet with the mayor earlier in the day.He said he saw deputy Mayor Goran Vesic order the women out of their offices and to the entrance to stop the opposition from entering the building.