'No surprise Bosnian Prosecution won't investigate suspects in spy affair'

NEWS 04.04.2019 16:27
Source: N1

Every time the interests of people working for Croatia and Serbia are threatened, Bosnia's Prosecution stops investigating cases related to these two states, investigative journalist Avdo Avdic, who broke the story of the alleged Croatian spy affair in Bosnia, said after the Prosecution said they would stop investigating the alleged suspects in this case.

“Every time interests of businessmen and parties like the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) and the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) are threatened, when the interests of people working for Croatia and Serbia, the Prosecution decides to stop investigating the case,” Avdic said.

Bosnia’s Prosecutor’s Office halted an investigation against three persons who a local investigative outlet said were involved in an alleged Croatian secret service plot aimed to portray Bosnia as a terrorist hub.

According to the local investigative outlet ‘Zurnal,’ the Croatian Intelligence and Security Agency allegedly tried to recruit several Bosnian Muslims to store weapons in places of prayer in central Bosnia where police would find them after a tip-off.

Avdo Avdic’s Zurnal published a series of interviews with Bosnians who lived in Croatia and claimed that the country’s secret service tried to talk them into working against Bosnia and that, when they refused, they were deported.

Avdic said one could expect nothing else from the Prosecutor’s office and that they “destroyed themselves with their public statement.”
“In the first part of the statement, they wrote there was not enough evidence to order an investigation against three persons connected to the story we published, but that they will continue the investigation. Then, in the last sentence, they wrote there was no evidence that the three persons in question committed any crime,” Avdic told N1.

If that is the case, Avdic asks what exactly is the Prosecution going to continue working on?

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According to him, two out of three persons in question are related to the Chief Public Prosecutor, Gordana Tadic.

“These are Mijo Kresic (Bosnia’s Deputy Security Minister) and Mato Dzakovic (a controversial journalist), who are related to the Chief Prosecutor, and they are hiding this fact. This is no surprise to us, and we ever wrote in our earlier texts we wrote that the Prosecution was an accomplice in all these intelligence and counterintelligence incursions in Bosnia,” Avdic noted.

Bosnia’s Security Minister Dragan Mektic also commented on the decision to stop investigating the three alleged suspects, saying that their intention was never to solve the case, but that they had a strong personal motive of clearing their relatives of any suspicion.

“I don’t know who requested the investigation of those people, but I suspect the Prosecution wanted to clear the names of the relatives of Bosnian Public Prosecutor’s relatives. That’s why they, allegedly, initiated and instantly closed the investigation,” Mektic said and added:

“Those people are not the problem. They are not connected to the work of intelligence services. The problem is the fact that Croatian intelligence agency entered and operated in the Bosnian territory.”

The prosecution has no idea what they are doing, the Minister said. Far more significant cases are locked in their drawers for years, and they closed this case in 10 days.

“They didn’t learn anything, because they never wanted to uncover any secrets. They have no idea what’s going on here, and things are happening right before their noses,” Mektic concluded.

N1 reached out to Mijo Kresic, following the statements of Avdo Avdic and Dragan Mektic, who said that it was all a waste of time.
“All the actors in this nonsense, as well as all official police agencies in the country were questioned and said they have nothing to do with media reports. On the contrary, the investigation was the place where those who conjured this nonsense could have proven their claims,” Kresic said.

According to him, the journalists who wrote about the alleged affair spent a lot of energy in destroying the image of the country and to harm its security system.

“I’ve said it from the beginning – all this is a product of fiction and lies, and this will be known as the greatest nonsense I've ever heard of during my career. “