Bosnian Ambassador to Libya: Country is on the brink of civil war

NEWS 08.04.2019 17:00
Source: N1

The situation in Libya is very bad, on the verge of civil war, but all Bosnian citizens and companies are out of harm’s way, and there is no need for evacuation, Bosnian Ambassador to Lybia, Ibrahim Efendic, told N1 on Monday.

“I just spoke to one of our companies working in the west and east of Libya, and they are working normally, and there are no problems with our citizens. We’re in constant contact with both companies and citizens and everything’s bee OK so far,” Efendic said for N1.

The embassy does not have the exact number of Bosnian citizens residing in Lybia, and the Ambassador said there are between 300 and 500 Bosnians currently in Libya.

“It’s true that clashes are on the outskirts of Tripoli, the Libyan capital. The international community is requesting a ceasefire, and now they’re asking for the withdrawal of the attacking army,” he added.

The defending side is the internationally recognised force, he noted. From the east come the interim government and the Libyan National Army – not recognised by the international community.

According to Efendic, this is a conflict between the two strongest sides in Libya.

“This isn’t a conflict between two militias and two villages. This is an all-out conflict which must be stopped. If not, Libya will enter into an all our civil war,” the Ambassador told N1.

He said the Embassy is ready to initiate the evacuation procedure should safety conditions worsen, but they are not planning to contact the Foreign Ministry about this, just yet.

Apart from Bosnia, Other European countries like Serbia, Italy, Hungary and Turkey also have embassies in this country.

Efendic said that Bosnian embassy is keeping contact with these embassies so they could monitor the situation better.