Mosque in Banja Luka vandalised with Nazi swastika and Serb nationalist symbol

NEWS 10.04.2019 13:05
Source: Anadolija

Police in Banja Luka is investigating who drew a Nazi swastika and four S’s - a Serb nationalist sign - on the walls of the city’s Arnaudija Mosque, which is being reconstructed after Serb nationalists blew it up.

Arnaudija is among the 15 mosques which were destroyed in Banja Luka during the 1992-1995 war, and it was the last one to be rebuilt.

The mosque was erected by Ferhad Pasa, the finance minister of the Bosnian Elayet in the Ottoman Empire, in 1595.

RS Secretariat for Religions condemned the act of vandalism, saying whoever did it is working towards the detriment of “peace and tolerance which is in everyone's interest in this city and in Republika Srpska.”